Viktor&Rolf Took a Page From Dolls Kill at Paris Couture Week

Dolls Kill, the San Francisco-based Gen Z-outfitter, is know for its IDGAF attitude, and it seems that approach to fashion has rubbed off on the most rarified form of fashion: haute couture. Yesterday at Paris Couture Week, Viktor&Rolf sent a collection of 18 voluminous tulle dresses accented with meme-worthy expressions down the runway.

Dolls Kill apparel and accessories, which generally cost less than $100, often feature slogans like, “Fuck Off” and “Go to Hell,” but it’s surprising to see couture gowns—which start in the six-figure price range—say things like “Whatever” and “No Photos Please.”

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren described the collection as, “an investigation into the expressive power of clothing,” explaining, “The silhouettes, sculptural and extreme, ranging from various A-lines to hourglass, are astutely expressive: each dress provides the backdrop for a bold text which is executed in layers of laser cut tulle. These texts are mainly one-liners: slogans with the kind of simplification typical of social media captions or souvenir t-shirts. The juxtaposition of these seemingly unrelated elements results in a typical Viktor&Rolf expression of surreal beauty.”

(In case you were wondering, it took eight kilometers of tulle to make the collection. That’s almost five miles!)

If you got one helluva bonus in 2018, then you can commission a sassy Viktor&Rolf couture creation to call your own. (The “Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come” gown is particularly fantastic".) If you’re a 30-something sharing a flat with three other tech execs because this is what it means to be an adult in San Francisco, consider the cheaper—albeit less magical—alternatives to statement dressing at Dolls Kill, (1475 Haight Street).