The Buzziest Bay Area Brand Right Now Is a Line for Mamas and Messy Folks

Photo: Sonnet James

Photo: Sonnet James

Over the last week, you’ve likely heard someone in the office discussing Sonnet James, a made-in-San Francisco dress line that just earned a $325,000 investment on Shark Tank from Spanx founder Sara Blakely. While the line was designed for moms who want to look good, we have a feeling some folks with sky-high dry cleaning bills are taking an interest in this easy-washing collection.

Here’s the 411: The five-year-old company was started by Palo Alto’s Whitney Lundeen, a single mom of two who saw a need for clothes that were stylish, machine-washable, and ethically-produced. Lundeen’s designs—mostly dresses with a jumpsuit on the way—are made from four-way stretch modal-spandex, so you can wash them at home and lay them flat to dry. Pieces are priced between $98 and $158; way more than Target or Old Navy, but on-point with Banana Republic or J. Crew. And at that price point, you’re supporting a local, female entrepreneur who’s manufacturing here in the Bay Area. Sizing runs from XS (0-2) to XXL (16).

Did we mention the dresses are super cute, too?

Sonnet James’s mission of creating beautiful clothing that works for moms is admirable, but Lundeen’s line could just as easily work for anyone looking for cute, practical clothing. Check out a few of our favorites from the upcoming spring collection below. They’re all available for pre-order right now, so click through to score your favorites.