Swap Your Makeup Bag for This Teensy Travel Palette

Image via The Balm

Image via The Balm

The last thing you need when you're hustling to pack and catch a flight is a makeup meltdown. More often than not, I run out of room in my tightly-packed carry-on, (I hate checking luggage), and I have to throw my makeup in my "small, personal item" bag, along with my MacBook, chargers, water bottle, and snacks. (A girl's gotta be prepared, right?) The Balm's Balm Jovi palette eliminates the bulky bag problem.

The palette, $39.50, includes 12 eye shadow/liners, a luminizer, a blush, and two lip/cheek tints, so it's all the color you need for a trip. Plus, it's flat and the product name puns are funny. 

I doubt I'll ever be an all-palette, all-the-time girl, but, when it comes to travel, Balm Jovi is a total rockstar.

Balm Jovi palette, $39.50 at The Balm, online or at 788 Valencia Street.