How to Mine Your San Francisco Wardrobe for a Freezing Winter Getaway

I try to return to New York during the holidays. I love the city when it's cold and (twinkle)lit AF. I only have one rule for packing for these trips: everything I bring has to fit in a single carry-on. Last week, that meant dressing for highs in the 20s. I managed it with plenty of space left for workout clothes and my travel steamer.

After seven years in San Francisco, I've donated most of my East Coast winter sweaters and coats to charity, so I have to be smart about layering my Bay Area pieces to survive sub-30 temperatures. My winter travel capsule breaks down to twelve items—five tops, two pants, one dress, one coat, and three pairs of shoes—and it's easy to replicate with the basics you already have in your closet. (Or shop my picks below by clicking on the photos.) With clever mixing and matching, you can create four or five days of outfits from this collection.

Since you'll be wearing at least some of these picks en route to your destination—I recommend a sweater or sweatshirt, tank, jeans or leggings, over-the-knee boots, and a coat for travel—you should be able to easily fit the rest in your roll-aboard. Whether you're flying back east or debarking to the snowy plains, these are the building blocks for your winter getaway wardrobe.