Will Lily Collins Rep SF at the Golden Globes?

Actress Lily Collins has grown from surreally beautiful teenager to surreally beautiful 20-something right before our eyes, but one thing hasn't changed: her Svelte Metals Lancaster ring.

Collins has been a fan of Meghan Kanodia's San Francisco-based jewelry brand for several years, and is rarely seen without the custom gold piece. So far, she's been photographed wearing her Lancaster while running errands, promoting her book, and even supporting her latest movie, Rules Don't Apply.

Collins is up for a Best Actress award for the film at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, so keep your eyes peeled. With any luck, Svelte Metals will get a major red carpet debut.

Either way, you can grab your own Lancaster here in gold plate, rose gold plate, or sterling silver for $145, or special-order a 14K gold or rose gold version like Collins.