Shhh! This Union Square Makeup Studio Can Be Our Little Secret

Photo via Christina Choi

Photo via Christina Choi

Christina Choi has been a big deal in the makeup industry for years. After getting her start at MAC, Choi joined Bare Escentuals Beauty, where she was the Designer of Makeup Artistry and the National Makeup Artist. The latter part of her gig involved traveling around the country, creating concepts for global campaigns, and repping the brand for TV and magazine interviews and tutorials. If you've paid any attention at all to makeup over the last 17 years, you've probably seen Christina's work.

These days, Christina is focused on her makeup line, Christina Choi Cosmetics, but she still accepts clients for private appointments at her Sutter Street studio. Which brings me to that secret part.

Take a moment and think about the last time you had your makeup done at one of the usual spots in Union Square—a department store or a cosmetics boutique where customers were constantly interrupting your makeup artist to ask a zillion questions and watch your new lewk come to life. Now put those creepy lurkers out of your head because Christina's studio offers a better way.

Hidden in an office tower overlooking Union Square at 500 Sutter Street—seriously, the view is unreal!—appointments with Christina mean one-on-one time with one of the top pros in the industry. And, because she treats sessions as education opportunities, she'll actually show you the brushes and techniques you need to achieve the same results. 

A full custom makeover in Christina's studio takes 60-75 minutes and costs $130. (Have a gala coming up? Get on Christina's book, stat.) If you're looking for a more general tutorial instead of a one-time look, book a two-hour, in-studio makeup lesson for $185. Christina will go through every application, step-by-step, so you feel comfortable recreating it on your own. (And you'll get a custom face chart, in case you need a refresher at home.) Can you imagine that kind of attention at a big box beauty store? Neither can I.

I know it's hard to keep good news to yourself, and you'll want to share this tidbit with your friends. That's fine. But before you go blabbing to your co-workers, second cousins-once-removed, and fellow transit passengers, keep this in mind: if everyone starts booking Christina, you may not be able to get an appointment. Book your appointments first, then tweet about it.