Yas, Queen! Let's Make Un-Ironic Crowns a Thing this Year

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

So I binge-watched The Crown on Netflix, and now I want a crown of my own.

Not a dainty princess accessory or a comical beauty queen number. I want a badass QE2-style crown—Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik or Queen Mary's Fringe. But I don't have a royal fortune, and I don't wear a lot of diamonds. (See: lack of Windsor fortune.) That's okay because I'm totally digging these $100ish-versions from Los Angeles designer Melissa Loschy

What kind of crown can you buy for $100? In this case, it's one made of sticks, rocks, cardboard, and paint. Yes, I know it's batshit crazy to spend $100 on a cardboard, but Loschy's work looks like a futuristic earth goddess's hella cool diadem—not a craft project on steroids.  No, seriously. Check out a few of the pieces from her Etsy shop.

Tiaras and headpieces often fall within the costume realm, but I don't think these have to be reserved for Burning Man or Coachella, (though they would look rad for a festival). In my experience, San Francisco folks appreciate a fashion risk at a gala almost as much as they appreciate an Oscar de la Renta dress. So why not show up in a crown and just own it? Let's make 2017 the year #crowngoals happen.