This Is It: Your Last Chance for Color Factory Tickets


Updated, 12/6/2017: Never say never, right? Color Factory has announced another extension, this time offering tickets for January and February. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, December 7 at 11 am.

The original round of Color Factory tickets had been on sale for more than a week before the interactive art exhibit opened in August. Most of the San Francisco websites had run a story about the Oh Happy Day-produced space, and, still, there were lots of options. But then the blogger preview happened, and opening day came, and suddenly, the month-long exhibit sold out. So the organizers extended it through September. And the extension sold out. Now, there's one more month to see the Color Factory. You should hop in the digital ticket queue right now. 

Color Factory will continue through October, and the final month's tickets go on sale Wednesday, September 13 at 11 am. If you think you can just hop in the queue at 11 am and score, you're wrong. Much like a physical line, lineup in the digital queue actually starts hours in advance. For your best chance at tickets, go to the Color Factory ticket page right now.

Once you're on the page, all you have to do is wait. Keep the window open. Do not refresh it. Maybe separate the tab into a new window away from the rest of your tabs so you're not tempted to refresh it. The favicon (a.k.a. the tiny icon on the browser tab) changes when it's your turn in the queue, so you don't have to stare at the page the whole time.

Everything else is a pretty standard ticketing experience. You'll choose a ticket date from the calendar, which will open a separate page to let you choose your ticket time. If a date on the calendar is blocked out in red, it is sold out. Don't bother clicking on it; you're just wasting time.

And now, a note for groups. To deter scalpers, Color Factory requires that you associate each ticket with a name. If you're purchasing six tickets, you could use your name for all six, but you'll have to be there with your crew on your visit day. Tickets are non-transferable, and Color Factory staff will check to confirm that at least one ID in the group matches at least one ticket name in the group. Since people get sick or have to bail for work trips, try using two or three names on those tickets. 

Organizers say this is the last time they'll be extending Color Factory, so if you're still reading and you haven't claimed your spot in the digital queue, stop everything and do it now. You'll thank me later when you're standing in a confetti shower.