How to Dress for a Justin Bieber Dance Class

I teach Spin and TRX. I've gone to almost every type of fitness class imaginable. I take pride in knowing how to pull an outfit together for any themed event that San Francisco throws at me. But I failed miserably in dressing for my first Justin Bieber dance workshop.

Let's get one thing out of the way: I'm an embarrassing dancer. If you coach me through a routine for approximately two weeks, I'll look reasonably competent. But if you expect me to replicate anything resembling coordination in 60 minutes or less, you're in for a masterclass in awkward movement. No outfit is going to make me look less terrible in a hip hop workshop, but it might distract from the fact that I dance like a drunk baby giraffe. (Now I'm flattering myself. Giraffes are cute. My dancing is not.)

My first-ever hip hop dance class was a Britney "Work Bitch" tutorial at StudioMix. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. Two years later, I decided to try my luck with the Bieber "Sorry" workshop at Uforia Studios in Nob Hill. Based on the colors in the video, I showed up wearing my brightest workout clothes. That, however, was all wrong. Because, for a dance class, you're supposed to dress like Jessica Alba in Honey,  J Lo in "If You Had My Love",  or Britney Spears in "Sometimes": sports bra or tight top, baggy(ish) pants, and high top sneaks.

If you opt for leggings, you still need the high tops (obviously), but you should balance out your form-fitting tights—I suggest a moto style to emphasize your badassery—with a tank top cut with extra wide arm holes to show off your sports bra. (Bonus points if it's mesh.) Finish any leggings look with a plaid flannel shirt tied around your waist, like those of us who embraced 90s fashion back in the 90s. I've included a few options below (click on an image to shop), to keep you on the right track.

Despite my sartorial miss, the Bieber workshop was a blast. I stayed in the back row, where a 35-year-old who can't dance belongs, and lived vicariously through the front-row 20-somethings in J Lo pants who—I'm pretty sure—had previously worked as backup dancers for J Lo. By the end, I was still the worst student in the class, but my moves were slightly less cringe-worthy. Who cares? I had fun.

Which brings me to the present.

On Sunday, January 15, Uforia is bringing back the Biebs with a charity dance workshop at 12:30 pm to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. You can register here, and pay either $25 through MindBody booking or make a cash donation at the studio. Looking for a fun way to break a sweat on a Sunday? Gather your friends (and maybe that flannel shirt) for an afternoon shakin' it with Bieber. 

Even if you've got brunch plans on Sunday, you can find a regular Hip Hop Club class any day of the week at Uforia. Now that you know what to wear, all you have figure out is the dancing part.