Skip the Bar: Flow Into 2017 with Midnight Yoga

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

For most of us, a new year begins with a toast at a house party or a gala or a bar. I started 2016 in Palm Springs with two of my favorite people, two of my favorite dogs, and cocktails by a fire pit. At the time, it seemed lovely. Now that I'm sheltering in place, praying the universe won't take another beloved icon as a sacrifice in waning days of a sucky year, I think it's time to find a new plan for 2017.

So I'm ready to trade the party dress, the booze, and the crazy Uber fare home...for yoga.

Mark Morford, one of the treasures of the San Francisco yoga scene, is leading a two-hour "New Year's Eve Yoga Celebration and Groove Party" at the Castro Yoga Tree location (97 Collingwood St.) on Saturday, and it looks like a damn fine alternative to the usual crowded club scene. 

Morford is teaming up with DJ 8Ball (aka Josh Damon from Space Cowboys) for a night of yoga, music, sweat, and celebration to bid welcome 2017. The party starts at 10 pm, ends at 12:01 am, and will include being "partially naked and occasionally upside down" in a room full of sweaty strangers. (What could possibly go wrong?) 

The workshop fee is $40— cheap compared to your standard New Year's binge; kinda pricey when you remember there's no alcohol. Still, if that's your jam, you can sign up here.

Whether you're starting the new year with savasana or champagne, let's hope that 2017 is a helluva lot better than this year.