Snag These Fitness Deals Before 2016 Ends

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

My heart sank when ClassPass announced it would discontinue its unlimited option and convert unlimited members to ten-class plans. Even though I teach about ten classes each week—and receive free classes at the studio where I teach—I usually clock 13–17 visits to ClassPass partner studios each month. Clearly, I was part of their we’re-losing-money-on-unlimited-packages problem. Sorry ‘bout that.

Although ClassPass is attempting to ease the pain of the transition by comping former unlimited customers with an extra ten classes per month for the first three months, I’m already thinking about how I can spend the least money while attending the most classes in 2017. Luckily, a few of the city’s best boutique studios are offering end-of-year packages.

Photo via Avant Barre

Photo via Avant Barre

Avant Barre

592 3rd St. (SoMa)

The Deal: Lock in 2016 for 2017, saving $50 per month. Rates change on January 1.

Try it for: Barre

Avant-Barre currently has two packages, gold and platinum. In 2016, gold members received 8 classes per month for $99, (with a six-month commitment) plus a discounted rate of $15 per additional class. (A single class is currently $27.) Platinum members receive unlimited classes and 10 percent off retail items for $149 per month, with no commitment.

For 2017, those prices go up, but it’s not an apples-to-apples increase. The 2017 gold package includes ten classes for $149, with additional classes priced at $18 each. Platinum membership will include unlimited classes, plus one private session and 20 percent off retail, for $199 per month. Neither package for 2017 includes a minimum commitment.

If you’re looking at unlimited, hurry and buy. This is a great deal. For the ten-class packs, consider whether you want to commit to six months of barre. If you max out your package classes, the 2016 pricing comes to $12.37 per class, while the 2017 pricing is $14.90 per class. Yes, there are savings involved, but it’s only worthwhile if you’re going to be a regular at the barre.

Photo via Pilates ProWorks

Photo via Pilates ProWorks

Pilates ProWorks

2238 Union St. (Marina) and 563 Commercial St (FiDi)

The Deal: Lock in unlimited classes in 2017 for $2,017. That comes out to $168 per month, but a rep for PPW tells us you have to pay the full amount upfront. Or—for new clients only—enroll in the FIT 10 autopay membership, (three-month minimum commitment) and receive your first month for $20.17.

Try it for: Pilates

Pilates ProWorks typically offers two packages: ten classes per month for $175, or unlimited classes (one-a-day maximum) for $225 per month. If you max out your ten classes in a month, that brings your cost-per-class to $17.50. With the deal, assuming you only stayed through the three-month commitment, your cost-per-class would be $12.34. (If you stay the full year, and max out your class allotment each month, your cost would be $16.21 per class.) By comparison, a la carte classes at the studio are $30 each.

If you’re a pilates junkie, and you’ve got an extra $2K lying around, the $2017 annual rate is a better deal: you’ll save $57 per month—a total of $684 for the year.

Photo via 17th Street Athletic Club

Photo via 17th Street Athletic Club

17th Street Athletic Club

3265 17th St #104 (Mission)

The Deal: Ten class packs are $150 with code NOWMYWATCHBEGINS. Twenty class packs, regularly $400, are $250 with code WINTERISCOMING.

Try it for: Indoor cycling, circuit training, and TRX

The ten class pack at 17th Street Athletic Club is regularly $200 and the twenty class pack is regularly $400. Either way, the standard pricing comes out to $20 per class. (A la carte classes are $25 each.) With the promo codes, you bring your cost per class down to $15 (for a ten pack) or $12.50 (for a twenty pack). If you plan to be a regular at the studio, the $200 per month unlimited plan (which is not discounted) remains the best option.

Photo via Uforia Studios

Photo via Uforia Studios

Uforia Studios

1561 California St. (Nob Hill)

The Deal: Four classes for $29, with a four-month commitment. Price increases to $59 for four classes after the first month.

Try it for: Hip hop dance, indoor cycling, and strength training

Uforia offers three levels of monthly memberships. For $59, you get four classes per month ($14.75 per class); for $109, you get eight classes ($13.63 per class). The unlimited plan is $189 per month. The $29 deal is part of a four-month, four-class-per month commitment. That means you pay $29 for the first month, and $59 per month for the remaining three months, for a total of $12.89 per class. Individual classes at Uforia are $25 each, so you’re looking at almost a 50 percent discount from single class pricing.

The dance classes here are fantastic, so this is an excellent option if you want to pop-and-lock-it weekly.

Photo via Flywheel Sports

Photo via Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports

71 Spear St. (SoMa)

The Deal: A 2017 four-week challenge. Five weekly credits, valid January 6–February 10, for $410.

Try it for: Metrics-based indoor cycling

Flywheel’s a la carte classes in San Francisco are $28 a pop, and the cheapest cost-per-class package is 20 classes for $480, (or $24 per class.) With the New Year’s deal, the cost per class comes down to $20.50.  The package also has non-class extras, like a nutrition plan, early booking privileges, and a supplemental workout plan that you can do at home.

The Flywheel experience comes with perks like complimentary shoe rental, as well as free water bottles, towels, and fruit. If you like to squeeze in a class before work, and you hate lugging your sweaty gear to the office after, this offer will be tempting.

Photo via The Park Gym

Photo via The Park Gym

The Park Gym

1960 Harrison St. (Mission)

The deal: $299 for 3 months through Friday, Dec 30. Monday, the rate increases to $399 for 3 months.

Try it for: Boxing, CrossFit, and CardioFit

The Park Gym’s standard three-month rate is $570 ($190 per month), so $299 ($99.67 per month) is one helluva discount. You have to email or call (415) 932-6714 to get the deal, and a staffer tells us you need to contact the gym on Friday to get the deal. (The website says Dec 31, but the gym is closed this weekend.) Set up an account before you call to expedite the process. On Monday, the rate, while still discounted, will be $399 for three months. If you’re really in it for the long haul, The Park Gym also offers a two-year unlimited membership for $2900, which comes to $120 per month.

If you want to start boxing in 2017, definitely check out The Park Gym. While some boxing gyms in the city will let you graduate from beginner boxing after a few sessions, TPG requires a minimum of ten level-one classes before you can advance.  

Photo via Yoga Tree

Photo via Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree

97 Collingwood St. (Castro), 1234 Valencia St. (Mission), 519 Hayes St. (Hayes Valley), 182 6th Ave. (Richmond), 780 Stanyan St. (Cole Valley), 1500 16th St. (Potrero Hill)

The Deal: First month unlimited for $49 when you sign up for unlimited membership.

Go here for: A variety of classes, many with live music, including vinyasa flow and restorative yoga.

The unlimited package at Yoga Tree is a reasonable $155 per month for one class per day at any of the six Yoga Tree studios. Typically, there’s no contract involved but the terms of the $49 end of year discount state that you must commit to two months. That means you’ll pay $49 for the first month and $155 for the second month, averaging out to $102 per month. If you're doing daily yoga, the works out to about $5 per day.