9 Ugly-Cool Shades to Finish Your Futuristic Outfit

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Outside Lands is mere weeks away, which means you need to be in scramble mode to finish your festival lewks. If you've been paying attention to celebrity news, fashion magazines, or Instagram, you know that one of the major trends right now is ugly sunglasses. What qualifies as ugly? Just about anything weird and futuristic will do!

It's possible you'll try on a pair of shades that look like costume discards from The Matrix or Ghost in the Shell and say to yourself, "Alas, I have found my sunnies soulmate." And if that happens, by all means splurge on the très expensive version of whatever shape catches your fancy. But if you want to try fleeting trends on the cheap, we've got nine options that you can snag for less than $15. And they're all available on Amazon Prime!

To shop, just click on any of the photos below. (Yes, they are affiliate links; thanks in advance for supporting Rockyt.) And if you're on the fence about whether a pair is perfect or perfectly absurd, just ask yourself "What would Bella Hadid wear?" It may not technically resolve your dilemma, but it can make you feel more confident about sporting your purchase.