Got Money to Burn? Hit the Basik Candle Sample Sale!

Photo: Basik Candle Co

Photo: Basik Candle Co

Buying candles may be the most satisfying way to watch money burn. Yes, they can be expensive, but a great candle can lift your mood and make your home or office smell a thousand times better. And you know what’s even better than burning a candle? Burning a candle you scored on sale.

Basik Candle Company is setting up shop inside Avenues Dry Goods (4120 Irving Street) this weekend for an epic warehouse sale, and the deals are gonna be bonkers. Think tables upon tables of perfectly great candles that either have flawed boxes, slightly jacked labels, or scratches on their jars. (Fun fact: they all burn like first-rate candles do!) All sample candles will be at least 50 percent off.

Basik founder Travis Troyer will be there if you want to stump him with candle questions, or you could just kick back and drink with him. (As is almost always the case, ADG won’t let you shop without offering you a drink.)

ADG owner Eve Batey tells Rockyt, "Basik candles are one of our best selling items, in large part because they make amazing gifts. With a sale like this, you have the chance to be gloriously selfish and buy a bunch of these fantastic candles for yourself."

The sale runs from 11 am—6 pm on Saturday, July 21. Don’t miss it!