You Can Still Snag a Spot for Opening Day at SoulCycle Berkeley


If there's one thing Bay Area fitness fanatics love, it's the bragging rights of saying, "I was there on opening day." We take our OG status hella seriously.

Typically, when a SoulCycle or Barry's opens in the city, you have to beg/plead/bribe your way off the waitlist if you miss the initial sign up. But, in the case of the incoming Berkeley SoulCycle, (760 Hearst Avenue), the exercise gods are smiling upon you. There are still a handful of spots available in the very first class with Amber on Sunday, May 21 at 8:30 am, Liam's 11:45 am, and in the last class with Tanner at 4 pm. You know they won't last long, so scamper over to the Soul site and book yourself a bike.

And, on a quasi-related note, if you're free on Saturday, June 10, at 11:45 am, you can join me for a very special FREE Rockyt ride at Soul Berkeley. Water and shoes are on the house. Just email me at to reserve your spot!