The Cult Favorite Glitter Polish You Need for Pride Month


I'm not a glitter nail polish kind of girl. And I'm definitely not a pink glitter nail polish kind of girl. Or so I told myself before trying Smith & Cult's Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow—an ultra fine pink and silver glitter combo in a clear base. Between the name and subtle shimmer, I was sold.

First things first: if you've ever tried removing glitter nail polish, you already know that it's the worst. No so with Smith & Cult. The itty bitty glitter specs actually come off easily with acetone polish remover, so you needn't worry about destroying your nails when it's time to change your polish. 

This particular shade launched in 2015 and has remained a perennial favorite because it adds a vibrant shine to your nails, it's chip-resistant, and eight-free. (That means it doesn't have potentially harmful ingredients like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and triphenyl phosphate.) You can wear it alone, or layer it as a topcoat over another polish, so you get twice the possibility from one (very pretty) bottle.

At $18-a-pop, Smith & Cult falls between premium drugstore options like Essie and OPI and ultra-luxe brands like Tom Ford and Christian Louboutin; it's pricey, but not mind-numbingly expensive. Yet when you consider the value of the endless conversations you'll have about a shade called "Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow," it practically seems like an investment. (Particularly during Pride.)

Order it straight from the source or Dermstore. Try it for the name; buy it cuz it's awesome.