Build Your Own 'Red Room' With's Castoffs

Photo: San Francisco Armory

Photo: San Francisco Armory

You know how you find yourself purging knick knacks and clothes you don't need every time you move? is doing the same thing with furniture and props before it departs San Francisco for Vegas. This could be your chance to build a 50 Shades "red room" on a budget—which I hear is a compelling trait in dom-sub circles.

SFist reports that the once-local porn studio is hosting a sale at its former home in the San Francisco Armory (1800 Mission Street) today from 12-5pm, and organizers are advertising the garage sale on Craigslist. (Aww... Fetish porn studios: they're just like us!)

According to the ad, "As the armory transitions into being a full time event space we are in the process of selling years of accumulated furniture and props that are no longer needed for the space. Come join us from 12-5pm the 15th to view and purchase a piece of SF kinky history."

You'll have to RSVP to shop. Security at the venue will have a list. And if you can't make it today, there might be a second on Saturday.