This Oakland Brand Is Nailing Oversized Layers

Photo: Hygge

Photo: Hygge

For most of us, there's a mental gap between, "I love the look of oversized layers" and "Look at me wearing expertly oversized layers." Attempting to execute your favorite Céline runway look without a Céline budget is hard. And while there are some people who have an innate ability to masterfully play with proportion—local bloggers Kristen Philipkoski and Carlina Harris come to mind—everyone else gives up. Until now.

Hygge, a new brand out of Oakland, is simplifying oversized layers with building block pieces you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. The brand started in the spring with a denim kimono jacket (originally $198)—now almost sold out online, but you can still find it in local boutiques—and expanded to a shirtdress ($178) and pullover top ($128) this summer. What makes the pieces so great together is that each layer you add shows just the right amount of the piece below. It takes all of the guesswork out of the equation.

Even better, all of the pieces are made in Oakland, and cost less than $200. 

Pieces are selling out quickly—that new shirtdress is already gone in one of the colors—so scamper to buy yours while you still can.