Calling All Denimheads: This Is the Apron You've Been Dreaming Of

Photo: Ubi-IND

Photo: Ubi-IND

There are people who wear jeans because they're easy. Then there are people who are truly, madly obsessed with denim. They're fluent in washes and finishes and techniques. They shudder at stretchy-synthetic blends masquerading as the real deal. They live in—and for—denim.

For the latter category, denim extends far beyond jeans. Ubi-IND's Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson would agree, and—with his Mi Cocina collection—he's proving that denim feels just as comfortable in the kitchen as in your wardrobe.

The Mi Cocina collection includes napkins, placemats, potholders, and knife rolls ($16–$155), but the real highlight is a leather and Selvedge denim apron. It's made in the US of White Oak Cone Denim and brown Latigo leather, and the adjustable leather neck strap can fit a range of sizes from women's XS to men's XXL.

At $185, it's on the high end of the "ZOMG, you spent how much on an apron?" spectrum, but it sure is pretty if you can afford it.