Jenny Lemons Will Hook You Up With Your Very Own Prints Charming

Photo: Jenny Lemons

What do you do when it's 70 degrees and sunny in San Francisco? 

First, unleash your basic instinct and chill a bottle of rosé. Second, call your friends and schedule an outdoor playdate. Third, pop on a fruit-print dress or top, and you are Insta-ready in an instant.

San Francisco-based artist Jennie Lennick makes the perfect pieces for the glorious days we've been enjoying. Her line, Jenny Lemons, features unfussy apparel printed with images of fruits, leaves, twigs, and abstract forms. It's happy, effortless, warm-weather clothing.

All Jenny Lemons products are produced entirely by hand in Lennick's SF studio. She prints, paints, and dyes natural and organic textiles, like linen, cotton, hemp, and denim chambray. Every pattern is cut and sewn individually, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Lennick's apparel prices range from $30 for a watermelon-print boxy tee to $140 for linen dresses—quite reasonable for handmade clothing. (I've pulled a few of my Jenny Lemons favorites, below, which you can shop by clicking on the photo.)

Our spring weather won't last long, so you might as well dress for it while it's here. And when the summer chill and fog set in, pack your new Jenny Lemons faves for a sunny weekend getaway.