This Moisturizer Delivers a Sun-Kissed Glow for Any Skin Tone

For those among you who’ve found time for a warm weather getaway this winter, congratulations. You probably have that gentle glow and relaxed air of a life well-lived right now. For the rest of you fretting about your pallid complexions, listen up: this moisturizer just might solve your problems.

The secret sauce of the day is Perricone MD’s Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer Tint. And no, this is not a sponsored post.


First things first: this is not a self-tanner. If you’re fair-skinned and want to be a golden goddess, this product will not get you there. Think of it as skincare first, temporary tan second. The actual product is beige-white-almond tone. Apply it just like you would with any moisturizer. Once it’s on your skin, you’ll notice a subtle glow. We’re not talking about shine (like highlighter or strobing); it’s more of an I-just-returned-from-the-beach-or-a-picnic tan. Subtle, but enough to make your friends think you’ve been spending more time outside. (And if you are spending more time outside, it includes SPF 30.)

Perricone MD claims it “delivers powerful antioxidant benefits that help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections.” While we don’t feel confident speaking to the anti-aging properties, it is a good moisturizer, and it leaves skin looking dewy enough to forego foundation.

The difference between Perricone MD’s moisturizing tint and your standard tinted moisturizer? There’s no guess work up front. We’re big fans of Dior HydraLife BB Creme and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, but those products require you to pick the best match for your skin tone. Pick the wrong shade, and it’s game over. Like our favorite works-on-everyone lipsticks, this is a universally-flattering formula.

The 2 oz. jar of this stuff is $69, so it’s really not cheap, but we’ve been using it pretty much daily since August, and expect to stretch another six weeks out of the jar. All in all, not a bad value when you’re fighting those pale complexion blues. Bonus: Perricone MD is headquartered in San Francisco, so you can support a local brand with your purchase.