Do Yourself a Favor and Book Your Outside Lands Locker, Stat

Photo:  Kim Lucian

Photo: Kim Lucian

Nothing will ruin your Outside Lands experience faster than schlepping around pounds of extra coats and blankets all day long as you scamper between stages. San Francisco may be known for its cold summers, but the annual music festival has a way of luring out the sun in the afternoons and returning to frigid winds in the evenings. If you want to look cute, and you want to be seasonally appropriate all day long, the answer—as usual in the Bay Area—is layers. And the best way to have the right layers on hand all day? Rent a damn locker.

Three-day Outside Lands locker rentals are $62 for medium lockers, $72 for large lockers, and $82 for extra large lockers. You may be questioning whether you really want to spend more money before the festival when you know you're about to spend a helluva lotta money at the festival, but the rental is well worth the fee. (And, if it makes you feel any better, the price includes a $10 deposit that you'll get back when you return your key.)

Outside Lands is August 9-11, and locker rentals are open. These always sell out, so skip the pro/con debate and rent the damn locker.