Who Wants to Get Crafty with the ACC This Weekend?

Photo by  Clara Rice  via  Anna Monet Jewelry , an ACS exhibitor

Photo by Clara Rice via Anna Monet Jewelry, an ACS exhibitor

Each Fogust, the American Craft Council descends upon Fort Mason with hundreds of super-talented makers in tow to host the American Craft Show—a three-day, juried showcase of emerging artists from across the country. And yeah, you may be feeling a little burnt out on craft shows after Renegade, West Coast Craft, and all the other events that have taken over the city this summer, but this one is a lot more chill. Promise.

ACS is the Bay Area’s longest running craft show, featuring 250 of the country’s top contemporary craft artists specializing in everything from handmade ceramics to fine jewelry, furniture, and textiles. Unlike the free-for-all shows that pop up around the city, ACS is a ticketed event. Advance tickets are $12 online ($10.50 admission + $1.50 processing fee), or $14 at the door. For that $12-$14 price, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t be constantly jostled in a crowd or risk losing your friends in the stream of fair-goers. Fewer attendees also means you get a chance to really talk with the exhibitors at the fair

In addition to exhibitors, ACS has a marketplace full of crafted bites and delicacies. Ticketholders can sample and shop artisanal food and hand-crafted wines by brands like Bread Srsly, Calstar Cellars, Crochet Jam, Jamnation, Sweetdragon Baking Company and Tula Bakeshoppe. This year’s fair will also include an olfactory journey presented by Bob Cut called “The Power of Scent.” Designed by Copenhagen-based designer Kenta Thomas-Naoi, the installation will explore the way scent becomes bookmarked in our brains—from your first date to your favorite flowers to your preferred candles—and will feature multiple Bay Area makers.

Shopping. Workshops. Food. There’s a little something for everyone at ACS, and it all starts tomorrow. Show times are 10 am—6 pm Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3, and 11 am—5 pm on Sunday, August 4. Snag your tickets now to discover the next great talents in design before they become household names.