This Downtown 5K Has Music, Food, Drinks, and Zero Prizes

Photo: On Running

Photo: On Running

We see no reason why an organized run needs to center around winners and losers. Why can’t we organize leisurely runs around shared interested like drinking and art? If you’re on the hunt for a run with less competition, and more art and schmoozing, check out On Running’s On Art Run this Saturday, September 28.

On Running, for the uninitiated, is a Swiss shoe brand founded in 2010 by duathlon champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard and his friends, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. After retiring from professional competition, Bernhard devoted himself to finding a running shoe that would give him the perfect running sensation.

While the trio thinks their shoes kick ass in a foot race, this weekend’s On Art Run is more about taking life slow and enjoying cool stuff around you. Festivities start at 5:30 pm with check in at 111 Minna Gallery, where you’ll pick up your “race bib,” socialize, and try on a pair of Ons, if that strikes your fancy. The Art Run: 5k begins at 6:45 pm, and includes a run by historical street art. Then it’s back to 111 Minna for live music, food, and drinks from 7:30–9 pm. (Note: Anyone can run, but you must be 21 to enter the gallery.)

Tickets are $10 on Eventbrite, proceeds benefit Back on My Feet, which combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. If you’re interested, sign up soon; space is limited.