Memebox Is Rebooting Its US Retail Business

Photo: Memebox

Photo: Memebox

One-time K-beauty cult favorite Memebox announced yesterday that it's back in the US retail game, starting with two in-house lines, TechCrunch reports. After taking a break from retail to become to the TripAdvisor of beauty last year, it sounds like the San Francisco-based company has decided that selling products is pretty awesome after all. For all you folks who love Asian beauty lines, that's welcome news.

The brand's retail operations continues in South Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the US hiatus, but yesterday's relaunch means that Memebox's I Dew and Nooni lines are once more available stateside. (Pony Effects, the collab with South Korean beauty vlogger Hye-Min Park, will be back soon.)

The Memebox community isn't taking a backseat to retail in the relaunch. Company reps are mining that data to create and deliver products users crave on a shortened development schedule. TechCrunch points to Memebox's decision to launch clay and peel-off masks—despite the ubiquity of sheet masks in Asian skincare—as an example.

If you're into beauty data and business info, the TechCrunch article is an excellent three-minute read. If you want to get straight to shopping, head to the Memebox US retail site.