All 11 Le Labo 'City' Scents Are Back on Fillmore Street This Month

Fragrance fans, rejoice! That most special time of year is once again upon us: Le Labo (2238 Fillmore Street) is making its city-exclusive scents available around the world for one month only. In addition to the standard San Francisco exclusive, Limette 37, that means you can also find fragrances like Amsterdam's Mousse De Chene 30 and Chicago's Baie Rose 26 down the road in Pac Heights.

While you may be tempted to stock up on full-sized bottles of all the fragrances, that will cost you a pretty penny. The smallest size, (50 mL), is $180, so you would have to spend more than $2000 with tax to own the collection. The more responsible—though not entirely fiscally prudent—option is to start with the 11-city discovery set, only $120, before settling on a spirit fragrance. 

Are you a Parisian Vanille 44 or a New Yorker Poivre 23? In September, you can be both, right here in San Francisco.

The full range is available through September 30.