Hey, Sugar! Tour a Real Life Candyland in Our Fair City

Photo: Candytopia

Photo: Candytopia

You've spent hours posing at Color Factory, Museum of Ice Cream, and 29Rooms; now you're out of photos. It must be time for another immersive photography experience! And the next one coming to SF is Candytopia.

According to the official website, Candytopia is a "sprawling sanctuary of confectionary bliss, tastefully curated by Hollywood Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin, realized by master fabricator Zac Hartog, and brought to life by life-long retailer, John Goodman." That "sanctuary" includes more than a dozen spaces, with everything from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami. (Because of course.) The exhibit will hang around San Francisco for a four-month run of vibrant colors and sugary delights.

Tickets, on sale now, are $34 for adults, $26 for children ages 4-12, and free for kiddos 3 and under. Organizers say it should take a little over an hour to walk through Candytopia, after which you can chill in the gift shop or candy lounge.

Yelp reviews for the O.G. Candytopia installation in Santa Monica are mixed, between customer service complaints based on a permitting delay, and overall cleanliness questions, so read before your buy if you're on the fence. Folks who love it, really love it, and the Instagram photos, for what it's worth, are super cute.

There are plenty of tickets available at the moment, but you know how quickly those will go once the Internet catches on to a new Insta-trend. (Remember when Museum of Ice Cream sold out in 18 minutes? Yeah...)

Candytopia opens at 767 Market Street, next to the Four Seasons, on Thursday, September 6.