San Francisco Has Reignited My Love for Caboodles. Deal With It.

Image via Caboodles

Image via Caboodles

If you remember anything—anything at all—from the 80s, then you remember Caboodles. At one time, the multi-tiered case was the ultimate makeup organizer. And while I was too young to wear makeup at the height of Caboodle mania, I had to have one because my sister and cousins did. I can still picture it— a marbled purple train case with a hot pink latch. 

For the life of me, I can’t remember what I stored in my Caboodle. My parents were strict, so I didn’t own play makeup. Regardless, when I surveyed my makeup storage situation in my present-day bathroom last week, I found myself longing for that marbled plastic case.

My husband and I share—and I use that term liberally—very limited storage space in our two bathroom cabinets. My makeup, skincare, and nail polish has consumed approximately 98 percent of that space in a combination of bins, trays, and ten-year-old free Clinique bags. Because most of my makeup is out of sight, out of mind, I don’t use it.

I’m convinced that a Caboodle can solve the problem. It would fit under my bathroom cabinet, it would be far easier to sort through than the plastic bins I’ve been using, and it’s significantly cheaper than the makeup cases at Sephora. (I’m still trying to decide between sizes, but every option I’m considering is under $40.)

My taste in makeup may have evolved from Lisa Frank and Wet N' Wild to Laura Mercier and Kat Von D, but it turns out that time can't change my feelings for Caboodles. 


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