This $30 Bra Will Be the Best Thing to Touch Your Boobs This Year

Photo: Target

Photo: Target

The Bay Area doesn’t get enough credit for its contributions to the lingerie world. Victoria’s Secret started in Palo Alto. True & Co, the quiz-and-algorithm-powered bra finder service, is located right here in San Francisco. And then there’s ThirdLove.

Like True & Co, San Francisco’s ThirdLove is also trying to break through women’s bra-fitting conundrums. The brand has two claims to fame: its fit app and half-sizing. The fit app lets you snap a few photos in a form-fitting top to determine your perfect fit. The half-sizing, however, is where ThirdLove really blows my mind. Ever find that you’re somewhere between bra sizes and nothing fits right? Then you need to check them out.

When ordering through their site, the brand’s 24/7 lace balconette bra is $76. It’s not a bad price—just a little more expensive than your average VS number. But ThirdLove has teamed up with Target to give you an even cheaper alternative: an offshoot called Memory Fit by ThirdLove. And the bras are only $29.99.

I was skeptical when I ordered this bra. After all, I’ve purchased Spanx’s Target alternative, Assets, only to regret not coughing up the extra dough for the real deal. But ThirdLove’s Memory Fit bra was everything I hoped for and more. The fit is perfect and the bra is super-comfortable.

There are some downsides. So far, I’ve only seen the line online, which means you can’t try it on in person. Also, the lace balconette bra comes in four colors: black, garnet, teal, and fawn. I’m super pale—closer to translucent than the traditional lingerie “ivory”—so fawn isn’t a good match for me under thin white shirts. But I truly, truly love this bra, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you add one to your lingerie drawer.

Will it last forever? I don’t know. I have yet to purchase any bra that lasts more than two years. (If you’ve found a secret bra that lasts a decade, please share.) Even if I only squeeze 12–18 months out of this one, I’ll feel like I found a great bargain.

I may eventually consider ThirdLove’s $76 original if I’m looking for more colors, but, for now, I only have eyes for its $30 Target cousin.