Barry's Debuts 2 New Classes Laser-Focused on the Swole Toll

Photo: Shannon Righetti for Barry’s Bootcamp

Photo: Shannon Righetti for Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is famous for its 50-50 treadmill-and-weights workouts, but there are lots of people who cling to the belief that treadmills are the devil. And, depending on the severity of your Saturday morning hangover, they’re not wrong. So for all you folks who roll your eyes at the treadmill, and swear, “Not today, Satan,” Barry’s has two new classes with nary a treadmill in sight: Lift and Release.

Nestled in the “Flex” studio at the back of the new Castro location, Lift and Release focus on strength training and recovery, respectively.

Lift, similar to the Double Floor workout in the classic Barry’s class, is programmed to improve body composition, build muscle mass and rev up metabolism. Release is recovery workout designed to help the body perform better, either before or after the standard Barry’s high intensity workout. The class includes soft tissue work, plus dynamic and static stretching to help increase range of motion, relieve muscle soreness, and prevent injury. Even if you foam roll at home, Release offers a better selection of props, including Hyperice Hypersphere therapy balls, Vyper vibrating foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and yoga blocks.

Both classes last 45 minutes, and taught at Barry’s Castro by the standard slate of local instructors. Like the regular Red Room sessions, classes cost $35 and can be purchased with any active class package or membership.

Lift and Release debuted this week. Sign up is available online at and through the Barry’s app.