The Very Best Ways to Save Yourself From Blisters

Photo by  Alexandra Gorn  on  Unsplash

San Francisco rarely suffers the heat waves that plague the rest of the country during the summer, but when we experience warm weather, we begin to understand the plague of sweaty feet. Just a little bit of moisture can lead to blisters—even in your most comfortable shoes. If you’ve tried super-low profile ballet slipper socks to prevent blisters, you know (1) the struggle to keep the socks hidden inside your shoes and (2) the agony of walking with a slipper sock scrunched under the arch of your foot because it slipped off your heel. No bueno, friends. No bueno. The solution is to forego heel coverage entirely. Yes, we’re here to preach the gospel of the half sock.

When you find yourself at a party in a shoe-free household, half socks are guaranteed to be a conversation starter. As the name suggests, a half sock covers only half of your foot. (In this case, it’s the front half.) It’s the perfect sock for mules, ballet slippers, loafers, and low-cut sneakers. (Love those Freda d’Orsay-cut sneakers? This is your jam.) We’ve found three options that might, literally, change your life.


TeeHee Toe Toppers

The most versatile option for closed-toe shoes, these shield the toes and the ball of the foot from friction. Also available in black, nude, and pastels.


SeoulStory 5-Toe Heeless Socks

Best with sneakers or a heavier shoe like a clog because individual toe channels add bulk in the toe box. These come as a 6-pack in black, nude, and gray.


Peep-Toe Socks

Less sock for more money isn’t the most intuitive choice, but this cut-off style has cushioning through the ball of the foot—ideal for peep-toe shoes.

Of course, sometimes socks aren’t in the cards, and you still want to spare your feet from destruction. That’s when you need a blister shield. There are dozens of options on the market, and most retail between $5 and $15. We’ve rounded up a few favorites below, arranged from cheapest to most expensive. (Click on any photo to purchase.) But if you’re not committed to buying a foot-specific product (with a foot-specific markup), plain ol’ Chapstick or Burt’s Bees will get the job done just fine at a fraction of the price.

Blisters will ruin an otherwise lovely day, so this is an area where it pays to be proactive. Got a trip coming up? A day of errands in new shoes? A hot date? Make a plan to keep your feet comfortable before you leave home, even if it just means slathering them in Chapstick. Your feet will thank you.

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