Freda Salvador Is Making Sneakers, And We Are Here For It

Freda Salvador fans know that the Sausalito-based shoe brand’s designs are ridiculously walkable from day one; this is the rare shoe that doesn’t require a breaking-in period. But then founders Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo-Nelson had the genius idea to make their shoes even more comfortable. And so, Freda sneakers were born.

It’s a bold move to launch a new product category on Tax Day—when all too many people are lamenting the fact that their disposable income has been disposed into the government’s coffers—but Papay and Paloma-Nelson have done just that: introducing two new styles that are officially available today at noon.

Available in both d’Orsay (Eda) and high top (Sal) styles, the new sneakers retail for $325-$375, and are available exclusively through Freda’s San Francisco, New York, and LA stores, as well as (Scroll through the full lookbook above to see all the colors.) A rep for the brand tells Rockyt, “It's surprisingly difficult to develop a d'Orsay cutout with a rubber sole, but we finally achieved it by using customizable vulcanized rubber.  We love the look and how lightweight and padded these soles are.”  

Before you rush out to buy all the things, there’s more! If you live for sneakers, but customization is more your speed, Freda is hosting a sneaker celebration at their Pac Heights shop (2416 Fillmore Street) on Wednesday, April 17 from 6-8pm. Scribe will be pouring wine, Citizens of Humanity will bring denim, and Yonder Shop will be hand-painting sneakers and jeans for all of you craving extra special pieces. Getting a refund this year on your taxes? You know where to spend it.