National Blowout Day Is Friday: Have You Booked Your Appointment?

Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

In Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress, Greta Gerwig's character dreams of starting an international dance craze. Dance, she reasons, is therapeutic, and a dance craze can bring people together. 

You know what else can be a unifying force in this mixed-up world of ours? One of those "national days" people like to celebrate on Instagram. 

This week, National Blowout Day is your "holiday" to watch for social media celebrations and camaraderie. If you've never heard of National Blowout Day, that's because Prête—the blowout booking service—just created it. (And yes, there's precedent for that sort of thing. Remember when J. Crew created Stripes Day?)

Of course, Prête would prefer if you used their app to book your next blowout, so let's talk about how it works.

Once you download the free Prête app, you'll need to set your location and availability for a blowout. Prête then provides you with a list of nearby salons ready to fix you up with a blowout for $35 dollars or less. (Heads up: there's an additional charge if you have extensions.) Customers can also get unlimited blowouts for $159 dollars per month, although there is a waiting list for the unlimited membership.

Image via Prête

Image via Prête

In San Francisco, Prête works with salons in the Mission, Union Square, FiDi, SoMa, Cow Hollow, the Marina, and the Lower Haight.  Prête founder Nina Ojeda tells me her team carefully vets partner salons, and only works with salons that have 4.5 stars on Yelp or Google ratings.

At $35 or less per blowout, Prête's prices are a lot lower than the city average, which currently hovers around $45 for blow dry bars. Ojeda explains that top-notch salons offer blowouts for less through Prête to fill otherwise empty time slots on their books. They don't have to publicly lower their prices, and they get more clients in their chairs. Everyone wins.

Is National Blowout Day a self-serving move for Prête? You better believe it. But when someone gives you an excuse to get a blowout, just take it. So download the Prête app, book your blowout, and hashtag your new 'do. You don't need a reason to get a blowout on a Friday, but Prête's given you one, just the same.