Why You Should Bring Bae to Barry's Right Now

Photo courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp

Photo courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's remains on track to open that new Fidi studio in April, and it's going to be a doozy. Like the Marina location, it will have 25 extra-fancy treadmills, ginormous locker rooms with 7 showers for women and 5 showers for men, and—a new addition—USB-enabled lockers so you can charge your phone while you sweat.

Any time a business expands its real estate footprint, it also needs to expand its customer base, so Barry's is looking to make a few new connections in the city. If you're already friendly(ish) with their crew, they want to meet your friends and they'll make the intro worth your time.

Until March 14, the San Francisco studios are running a promo called Barry's Buddies. Here's how it works. Your first-timer friend sets up a new account online and buys a Barry’s Buddy class for $30, (regularly $32). Next, you and your buddy book spots in the same class, either online or in person.  Finally, introduce your buddy to the front desk staff before class and they’ll give you both a free class.

All new clients’ first classes must take place before March 14. “Buddies” have one month from their first class to redeem their free class. Existing clients have one year to use their free class. The classes are transferrable between clients, but they're only good at the San Francisco studios. There's no limit to the number of free classes you can accrue, or the number of newbies you can bring per class, but you have to attend class with your friends to get the comped sessions. Feel like bringing five Barry's Cherries to a class? You'll walk away with five free classes—a pretty efficient use of your time.

For regulars, this is a damn good deal. If you want to earn free classes before that shiny new Fidi studio opens in April, start rounding up friends and lovers for Barry's + brunch weekends, stat. And if you're a first timer without a Barry's-obsessed friend who wants to get the free-class hookup, leave me a comment on Facebook or Twitter. Together, we'll find you a workout buddy to help you get the most out of this deal.