How the Warriors Dance Team Glams Up for Game Day

Behind every great NBA team, there's a great dance team. And behind every great dance team, there's one helluva glam squad.

As the Warriors continue their march toward the NBA title, the beauty pros prepping the dancers to hold court are also bringing their A-game.  So who's on squad, and how can you book their services? I'm so glad you asked.

The first step toward game-day readiness involves waxing and tanning, and the team turns to Erika Lee from Dermal Essentials. As you can see on any high-def TV screen, she is very good at her job. Dermal Essentials offers spray tans and waxing both in San Francisco and the East Bay, so wherever you are, you can get the Warriors Dance Team treatment. To book, email or call Erika directly at 510-230-7059.

For makeup, the team relies on Nikki Notarte. Notarte is currently in her sixth year of making the squad look flawless—even with bright lights and high-energy choreography. When Notarte isn't prepping dancers for the spotlight or stepping in for photoshoots, she accepts bridal clients. If you're interested in booking her services, you can reach out via email to or call (510) 557-9613. The dancers' game day lashes are from Lashes in a Box, which sells 100 percent handmade cruelty-free false lashes. You can score your own Lashes in a Box, ($25–$40 per set) online

The pièce de résistance is hair, and the dancers trust their locks to Jessica Kiyomi and Kelli Eng. (Both stylists use Perfect Locks extensions when they want to give the dancers' hair extra oomph.) To book an appointment with Eng, email To schedule with Kiyomi, email or call (510) 501-7791.

It takes a village to get the Warriors dance team ready for each game, and these beauty pros are the village that makes that magic happen. Want to experience the full pre-game treatment? Book an appointment with any of the Warriors glam squad service providers and find out first hand what the fuss is about.