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Photo:  Kim Lucian

Photo: Kim Lucian

I love connecting people with information—it's why I started Rockyt—so I want to know if there's something you want to know about the fashion, beauty, or fitness in the Bay Area. Want to find a belly dancing class? Or a tailor? Or understand the origins of your favorite hair treatment? Hit me up! Message me on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to Like Frasier Crane, I'm listening.

I also appreciate when folks share info with me—some of my best stories throughout my career have started with reader tips. If you see a new store coming into your neighborhood, stumble upon a sale, or discover a designer, I want to hear about it. Ping me on any of the channels above. Self-promotion is absolutely permitted, so feel free to reach out to tell me about your work.

And if you don't have questions or tips to share, you can always just say hi.

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Robyn Cain