The Lessons Phashionable’s Tina Phan Wants to Pass Down Her Daughter

Photo:  Phashionable

Tina Phan’s candor in discussing fashion after having a kid is refreshing. Has her style evolved since she started her blog, Phashionable, in 2013? Sure. Has her sense of humor withered away? Hell, no.

“I don't go out booty shaking anymore, so I'm not wearing stiletto heels and disco dresses. But, my style has always been casual and chic, so I'm still mainly in that zone with sweater dresses, mini-skirts with t-shirts, and mid-heels,” she said. “I am wearing a whole lot more sneakers and joggers while out with my daughter, and tiny purses are more rare since I have to plan for toddler vomit and runny noses.”

Photo:  Phashionable

While being a social influencer may be the ultimate goal for many of the style mavens on the ‘gram, Phan is content to let it complement her day job as a lawyer. “I'm a blogger, an attorney, a mom, and a partner. I'm not dependent on blogging for my source of income or for any professional ambitions—which keeps the pressure off—but I love doing my blog and my social. I like [my daughter] Coco seeing her mom doing what she loves and showing her that you can pursue what you want. “

And Coco, who is almost four, has a front-row seat to the action. Since Phan’s husband is her photographer, Coco tags along for shoots.

Transitioning from life as a lawyer and part-time blogger to life as a mother, lawyer, and part-time blogger had its challenges, but Phan never considered stepping back from Phashionable. “As an attorney by day, my fashion blog is a way for me to stay sane and light and express something creative in the very logical world that I usually am in. I've always said my blog is about my happiness and my documentation of my funny stories and my style at the time, so I take time off when I want to and I blog when I want to. I have not felt the pressure to have to post only to keep my engagement, but it could also be because it's not the only job that I have,” she explained.

Through the multiple facets of her career, Phan hopes Coco learns to pursue her passions and make herself into whatever she wants to be. “I was born in a refugee camp, became an attorney, and now [Coco] has seen her mommy in the glossy pages of InStyle magazine. Anything is possible! She can be a princess and love monster trucks and dinosaurs and ballet. She can do it all as long as she works hard for it.”

If Coco decides to follow in her mama’s stylish footsteps, Phan says she would encourage her to blog because she wants to share something she loves; not for social acceptance or validation. “I would love for her to blog, be creative, work hard on something, and then put it out into the world. It can be an incredibly positive thing if you don't get caught up in all crazy.”