No One Can Believe This Backpack Is From Timbuk2

Photo: Timbuk2

Photo: Timbuk2

You're entitled to make your own decisions, but I believe hauling lots of stuff in a shoulder tote is a terrible life choice. Science supports my theory. When you're carrying a single shoulder bag, research shows that bag should weigh no more than 10–15 percent of your total bodyweight, (though many people report discomfort starting at 11.25 percent). The alternative? Use a backpack. More specifically, Timbuk2's Jet Set collab with designer Phoebe Dahl.

Here's what the Jet Set gets right.

It's roomy enough to fit your laptop (up to 13"), gym clothes, shoes, and lunch, so it can work as a commuter bag. That same spaciousness is also key for travel. This can hold your travel blanket, book or tablet, water bottle, slippers, and more for a long flight. It's convertible, which means you can wear it as a backpack or a tote. And it has a detachable crossbody, so when you get to your destination and you just want to carry your phone and credit cards, you can stash the bigger bag.

The Jet Set is leather, so the price point ($249 for black, $299 for blue or metallic) is a little higher than Timbuk2 usually goes, but it's hand-made, smartly-designed, and backed by a lifetime warranty. I received a free Jet Set backpack in blue from Timbuk2 during the summer, and have been carrying it non-stop. At least once a day, someone asks where I got it. And everyone is shocked that it’s from San Francisco’s home-grown purveyor of bike messenger bags.

If I had a dollar for each stranger who has responded, “That’s Timbuk2?” I could easily have purchased another bag. I get it. Most of us think of Timbuk2 as a utilitarian brand, but the Jet Set—while super functional—is a damn good-looking bag and the leather feels soft and luxe. For what it’s worth, if my bag went missing, I would pay the $299 to replace it.

The Jet Set is available on and in stores. If you've got vacations—or even life—on the horizon, and you don't have a backpack, snag one of these before you jet off.