There's a Brand New Bougie Plant Shop in Cow Hollow

Photo:  Elizabeth Wang /The Sill

Photo: Elizabeth Wang/The Sill

Most shop owners just order their inventory and artfully arrange it on the sales floor. Plant shop owners, by contrast, are constant caretakers who not only have to keep the product alive, but give their customers enough guidance to make sure they don’t kill their purchases. These people are heroes. And the newest heroes in San Francisco have set down roots at The Sill.

Originally in NYC and LA, The Sill opened its doors in Cow Hollow (2181 Union Street) this week, with staffers are ready to address all your burning horticulture questions. (Note: we don’t mean literally “burning horticulture questions;” please don’t ask how to burn your plants.) In addition to acting as a plant showroom, the shop includes a mobile gifting station—why give flowers when you can give a plant?—and a workshop space. There are no San Francisco workshops listed on the company’s website just yet, but you can expect sessions like Spring Plant Care, Plants 101, and DIY Terrariums.

Stop in, say hello to the new plant folks in town, and get yourself something pretty for your home.