Scamper to Fort Mason for the Final Day of Renegade Craft Fair

Photo: Renegade Craft Fair

Photo: Renegade Craft Fair

Whatever are you going to do on a warm, beautiful Sunday afternoon? Not to keep you inside too long, but you probably want to take a pass by the Renegade Craft Fair at the Fort Mason Pavilion. Now in its tenth year in San Francisco, Renegade assembles about 300 makers to show off their wares at this two-day expo. And we're not talking about pipe-cleaners and googly-eyed pom pom crafts. These are small batch designers, bakers, and home goods makers that you (usually) can only shop online.

So if you've ever thought about a Filbert or Lyonhart bag, but didn't want to fork over your cash without seeing it in person; if you ever wanted to see how Hygge or Jenny Lemons designs would fit you; if you ever asked yourself, "What does Bathing Culture body wash actually smell like," the answers await you at Fort Mason—along with about 295 other booths of cool stuff. Plus, you can eat and drink, and admission is free. 

Parking at Fort Mason is extremely limited right now, so your best bet is to take a car service, Muni, ride your bike, or walk. (Pro-tip: mobile signals at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion are awful, and traffic bottlenecks into the parking lot; use the Safeway across the street as your pickup and drop-off point to save time.) The fair runs from 11 am–6 pm.

Go. Shop. Be awesome. And don't forget to post your finds on Instagram. Because we all know new purchases don't count unless you've got a Boomerang to accompany them.