Peek Inside This Castro Pop-Up for Modern Furniture and a Charming Shop Dog


After 26 years in the home staging business, Stewart Morton is almost ready to retire. But first, he's taking his victory lap by clearing out his inventory of high-end mid-century furniture. 

Morton is in the final days of his fourth pop-up, located at 4144 18th Street in the Castro. Inside the sun-filled space, he and his Newfoundland, Tosca, will regale you with tales of the posh people, parties, and places that have served as chapters in his decades-long San Francisco design career. (Ask him about his time in Bali. You won't be disappointed.)

In the market for furniture rather than a story? Morton's selection is heavy on not-new-but-not-used Design Within Reach and Kartell that's priced like Crate & Barrel. (A Barcelona chair was $1,500; a Bertoia Diamond chair and Phillippe Starck ghost chairs were $350 each.)

Morton's shop of "eclectic wonderment" is open Thursday–Friday from 1pm–5pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am–5 pm. If you prefer to make an appointment outside of regular business hours, call him at 415-441-3322. He's planning to stick around through the end of October, but when the inventory is gone, so is the shop.

In other words, stop in and meet Tosca, stat.