FaceWest Is Hooking You Up With a Headshot Do-Over

Photo via FaceWest

Photo via FaceWest

Getting new headshots is the worst. There’s never a good time to do it, and either your company is footing the bill for something that’s really not your style, or you’re on too tight of a budget for a full-on Beyoncé-style glam squad. FaceWest is changing that.

The Marina makeup studio is offering a headshot package in February that includes hair, makeup, and new headshots by local photographer Lindsey Masterson. (If you follow the Style Safari, you’ve seen Lindsey’s gorgeous photos.) Total cost for ladies is $250, while the gents get the slightly-cheaper rate of $175.

For that price, women are getting a blowout and makeup application. For the blowout, arrive with your clean hair wet or dry; they’ll add a spritz of water or a touch of dry shampoo, and make you look fabulous. (Curling irons can be involved, if you want ‘em.) Fellas will receive “men’s grooming,” which they define as “techniques specifically designed to prep a man's face for a photoshoot.” That may include skin touchups, eyebrow trimming and filling in the hairline, but it won’t include a shave or haircut. Everyone gets a 30-minute photo shoot, including one outfit change, and their choice of five photos from the shoot.  

Sessions are happening February 23-24, and you must call the studio at 415.874.9201 to book a spot.

It’s rare to even get a headshot for $250, but when you factor in the regular cost of FaceWest’s basic makeup application ($55) and blowout ($35), this is one helluva deal. Is this the year you score that new job, start speaking on conference panels, or even just update your Tinder profile pic? Then you need to get on the roster for the FaceWest headshot package roster right away.