This SF Movement Expert Wants to Help You Fix Your Bod

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How many times have you skipped foam rolling at the gym or home because it hurts too damn bad? If the answer is "all of them," your body could use a release. Injury Prevention Specialist and Movement Expert Liz Letchford can help.

On Saturday, October 7, Letchford is leading "The Release," which she describes as "a delicious mobility class set to dope music... intended to provide you with a muscle-by-muscle targeted release and recovery." She's designed the one-hour class to help improve your posture and make your future workouts more effective.

"I am so passionate about movement and mobility, but for the past eight years I was only able to bring my knowledge about the body and its ability to heal itself to one person or one sports team at a time," Letchford says. The workshop is her solution for teaching a larger group "how to feel better, move better, balance better, and breathe better," and will include instruction in mobility tools, stretching, and movement.

The Release is just one of many sessions at The Assembly's "The Weekend," a three-day urban retreat with opportunities to practice self-care and self-exploration. The featured event is The Class by Taryn Toomy led by Master Instructor Natalie Kuhn, but there's a three-day lineup of speakers and and wellness pros. The Weekend will also have treats from local healthy food vendors and a photo area. (Because if an event doesn't have a selfie station, did it really happen at all?)

Looking for a wellness retreat without the travel expenses? Check out The Release and the rest of the offerings—including a few free classes—over The Weekend.

Release will be held at Assembly (449 14th Street). Tickets, available on Eventbrite, are $30.