Barry's Hottie Paul Wright Reveals His Secrets for Staying Ripped

Photo courtesy of Paul Wright

Photo courtesy of Paul Wright

When San Francisco trainer Paul Wright isn't making clients sweat at Barry's or Diakadi—or making the Internet sweat as PopSugar's newly-minted thirst trap—he's working in some reps of his own. The former football player tests each of his Barry's workouts on himself, and supplements those sessions with more weights and plyometric drills.

Much like his infamous 60-minute classes, Paul likes to shake up his workouts to keep things interesting and keep his body guessing. Exactly what does it take to shock a Barry's trainer's body into that Sore AF™ state the studio is known for? Read on and find out.

Rockyt: How do you prepare for the classes you teach?

Paul: I always make the workouts myself so I know exactly what each client is feeling during each exercise.

Photo courtesy of Paul Wright

Photo courtesy of Paul Wright

Rockyt: How do you cross train?

Paul: When it comes to cardio, I don't limit myself to just running. I really enjoy doing plyometric exercises (split lunge jumps, box jumps, broad jumps) with resistance—a medicine ball for example—to get my heart rate up and keep it high during my own gym sessions. I also enjoy boxing and using battle ropes. I'm always working on my agility and love doing footwork movement on speed ladders as well.  

When it comes to resistance training, I burn everything out, and then do it again!  It’s a great way to break muscle tissue down to its core and incorporate a cardio and endurance portion to my training while strengthening my muscles.

Rockyt: What are your favorite gyms for cross-training?

Paul: No gym can beat Diakadi Body for cross training in San Francisco. It has anything and everything any person needs to become any type of athlete they want.

Rockyt: Are you training toward a particular fitness goal right now? 

Paul: I’m training to wake up always feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. To accomplish this, I'm getting better sleep, but also providing myself with the right work/life balance.

Rockyt: Do you take rest days?

Paul: I always try to sweat each and every day. Somedays I want to lift more weights than others. The following days, when I feel sore, sometimes I do yoga classes or swim. I work out hard so when I have a "rest" day, I keep it low impact and just look to spark my heart rate a little bit and sweat out the soreness.

Want to Get Wright with your own fitness regimen? Hop into one of Paul's classes at any of the three Barry's Bootcamp locations in San Francisco—FiDi, Marina, or SoMa.