Fact: This Future Duchess Lounges Like a Bay Area Babe

Photo via Birdies

Photo via Birdies

With all things Meghan Markle taking over the Internet, here's a tidbit you may not know about the activist and actress set to become the newest British royal: Markle was one of the original Birdies Blackbird fans.

If that collection of words means nothing to you, we'll explain.


Birdies is the San Francisco-based brand that makes crazy-cute (and comfortable) slippers that look just as chic on the street as in your home. Founders Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey describe the line as offering "the support of a sneakers with the softness of a slipper and the style of a designer flat." Gates tells ABC 7 that Birdies was born when she couldn't find a fashionable, comfortable shoe for entertaining at home.

But bag to the future princess.

Gates and Sharkey sent Markle a pair of their Blackbird slippers when they were first starting their business, and were delighted to see Meghan post a photo of herself wearing the shoes on Instagram. This wasn't a one and done deal: Markle was photographed multiple times running errands or hanging out on the Suits set in her Blackbirds. When Markle and Prince Harry eventually announced their engagement, Birdies's sales soared.

Gates and Sharkey are so grateful for the Meghan effect that they recently sent the royal bride a pair of one-of-a-kind Songbird bridal slippers for her big day. While you can't purchase an identical pair, you can get a similar pair of pom-embellished Songbirds in blush, citrine, or fuschia for $140. Or stick with the Blackbirds (also $140) that Markle wore on repeat. Check out all the Meghan-adjacent choices below.