The Newest Levi's Trucker Jacket Doubles As a Remote for Your Phone

Levi’s latest Trucker jacket offering isn’t just a light layer to keep you comfortable in the ever-changing San Francisco microclimates; it’s also a remote control for your phone.

Just call it robo-cuff.

The new iteration of the classic denim topper is beefed up with Google Jacquard technology, which allows you to control your phone through a series of taps and swipes to the left sleeve cuff of the jacket. Jackets start at $198 for a classic style, and go up to $248 for the sherpa-lined version.

We’ve already seen smart wearable technology through watches and glasses, which begs the question—what does this jacket actually do?

Let’s start with the basics. According to Levi’s, you can use it to ask Google Assistant to get real time updates about sports, news and weather or hear a summary of your day. It can also work as a remote for your phone’s camera and music players, update you on your ride share, send you directions, and keep you connected with your calls and texts. The jacket is only compatible with Android and iOS phones, and you will need the Jacquard app to make it work.

For those of you who are forever leaving behind your phone or jacket, Jacquard will send you a distress signal if the two are too far from one another. If you leave both your phone and your smart jacket somewhere together, you’re unworthy of the advancements the technology gods have given us.

As for laundering… Yes, the bionic jacket is machine washable, though we know many of you are part of the “never wash your jeans” school of thought. (No judgments. Even Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh says his jeans have never seen the inside of a washing machine.) If you decide to wash your Trucker, you can remove the Jacquard Tag and handwash the jacket or pop it in a “home” washing machine on cold. (Line drying is best, but you can tumble dry it on low.) This also means that you can wear the jacket in the rain, though Levi’s warns “if the Tag or sleeve cuff becomes too wet Jacquard features may not function reliably.” They recommend letting the sleeve dry before resuming use.

Shop the jacket online at, or IRL in San Francisco at the Levi’s stores at 815 Market Street or 1155 Battery Street.