Josephine Skriver Reps the Raiders. What Does It Mean?

In March, the Raiders gave Oakland the it's-not-you-it's me speech, and declared Vegas to be their new Bae Area. It's still fresh and it hurts, even if the team's sticking around through at least 2018. 

The long goodbye makes team merch more complicated. If you see someone wearing repping the Raiders—with no mention of Oakland—does that make them anti-Oakland? Pro-Vegas?  

For fans who plan to follow their team to Sin City, shelling out money on an Oakland-branded apparel feels confusing. For folks who just can't with the entire situation, new Raiders merch is out of the question. For Danish model Josephine Skriver—one of the most famous faces in the world—it's suddenly time to rock Raiders gear.

Skriver finished out weekend one of Coachella with an wide-mesh Raiders jersey, black bra, and jean shorts, which begs the question, which side is she on? Pro-move? Anti-move? Or is a jersey, sometimes, just a jersey?