This SF-Based Jewelry Line Is Angel-Tested and Festival-Approved

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Someday, we'll look back on this moment in fashion history and shudder at the underwear-as-outerwear trend. I say that because lingerie was also a short-lived trend in the 90s until it was relegated to Halloween—always paired with animal ears, natch—and I still remember the self-loathing aftermath. But as long as rocking out in a lacey bra and jean shorts is a thing, you can guarantee that the Victoria's Secret "Angels" will do it better than the rest of us mere mortals.

Jasmine Tookes is a prime example. 

The 2Bandits Sundrop Choker, $78

The 2Bandits Sundrop Choker, $78

For one of her many outfits at Coachella last weekend, Tookes wore a Victoria's Secret lace bustier with One Teaspoon shorts, a Never Fully Dressed satin maxi wrap dress, Converse sneakers, and a Sundrop choker from San Francisco's The 2Bandits. Models may have unfettered access to a dream wardrobe, but Tookes and her stylist, Cary Robinson, selected surprisingly affordable pieces for this look. Her One Teaspoon Bandit-style shorts and Lili Claspe necklace are the most expensive items in this look, and they're still under $200. And that 2Bandits choker? Why, it's only $78.

The necklace-layering and concert-dancing season is just getting started. If you want to accessorize like an Angel for BottleRock and Outside Lands, keep your look local with one of Tamar Wider's metal chokers for The 2Bandits.