Get Fit AF at This 4-Week Boxing Bootcamp

Photo: HitFit

Photo: HitFit

Boxing remains a celebrity fitness craze. All the Victoria's Secret models do it. Demi Lovato includes it in her daily two-hour workouts. And it's not just hype. Boxing burns tons of calories, tones your arms, abs, and back, and it's an outstanding way to relieve stress. When you want to start, you can gradually tip-toe into a routine, or you can dive into the deep end. For those who want to skip straight to the deep end, there's no better way to get started than HitFit's month-long boxing bootcamp.

The next four-week program starts Monday, January 8, at HitFit's Sutter Street location, and includes 90-minute sessions from 6–7:30am, five days a week. The price is $600 for non-members, which works out to $20 per hour for 30 hours of classes. In San Francisco, that's a steal. Plus, for the first time, HitFit is offering nutrition plans to help maximize your results and recovery.

Trainers Sean Hall and Trishala Poulose will be leading the month-long festivities. (You may remember Trish's beast mode workouts from How Trainers Train here on Rockyt.) Sessions will vary daily and include dynamic stretching, running, heavy bags, mitt work, jumping rope, body weight exercises, and circuit training. The course will progress day-by-day, and you don't need boxing experience to enroll. Don't worry about getting knocked out in the ring—it's intense, but it's not punch-your-partner-in-the-face boxing. 

Participants need boxing gloves (12oz or more), hand wraps, and a jump rope for the program. You can purchase those items, if you don't already have them, through the gym for $92. If you want to save money, HitFit has loaner jump ropes and gloves, but you'll have to purchase your own wraps. (They're about $12.)  Real talk: get your own gloves—even if you get cheap-o ones via Amazon—because communal gloves sometimes make your hands smell like feet. Just sayin'.

If you have questions about the bootcamp, you can call the gym (415-440-8269) or Trish (415-994-0272). Otherwise, you can register online through MindBody. Ninety minutes a day, five days a week is a hella intense regimen—and you'll probably need a massage by the end of the first week—but you'll be in tip top shape before spring.