The $7 Trick to Make Your Legs Look Longer in Sneakers

The sneaker trend is raging on, and I am here for it, but that doesn't mean I don't miss the extra height and leg-lengthening powers of heels. Fortunately, there is a really cheap way to add secret heights while wearing flats: heel lifts.

You've probably heard of heel lifts thanks to years of rumors that shorter actors—cough, Tom Cruise, cough—wear them pretty much all the time. It's basically a dense wedge of foam, silicon, or rubber that you slide into the heel of your shoe. They not only give you an extra inch or two of height, they also act as shock absorbers if you strike hard when you walk.

Heel lifts are not going to work with every shoe. I wouldn't recommend them with a traditional pump or ballet flat because the extra inches under your heel could boost your heel to an unsafe height. (In a traditional pump, for example, the molded clip that wraps around your heel keeps your foot from slipping out of the shoe, making walking safer and easier.) But for a a high-top sneaker or a flat Chelsea boot, they're kind of the best.

So when do you actually use heel lifts? It can be any time you want, but I like to throw in a pair when I'm wearing sneakers or flat boots with dresses. They're comfortable, and I think the extra inches make for a better silhouette. While there are lots of options at every price point—I've seen them for as much as $24—this $7 set is my current favorite. It comes in two pieces, giving you the options of a 1.5-inch boost or a 2-inch boost.

Cool girl kicks? Check. Longer-looking legs? Check. It's the easiest way to wear your flats and get heel-height, too.