San Francisco Could Be the First Major City to Ban Fur Sales

Bun photo via  That Cute Site

Bun photo via That Cute Site

The days of buying new furs in San Francisco could be numbered.

The Chronicle reports that Supervisor Katy Tang is proposing an ordinance to ban fur sales in the city. According to the Chronicle, "the law would not apply to secondhand apparel or to taxidermy goods, though it would prevent vendors at farmers’ markets from selling fur from animals slaughtered in backyards." West Hollywood and Berkeley have already enacted similar laws, so San Francisco would be the third city in US, (and the first so-called "major" city), to hop on board the fur ban. 

Tang's fur proposal isn't her first attempt at animal rights legislation. In 2015, Tang introduced an ordinance to ban exotic animal performances in entertainment. (Horses and puppies, okay. Lions and tigers and bears, not so much.)

For more on the proposal, check out the Chronicle's piece. It goes to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee for consideration on Wednesday, January 24. If passed, the law won't take effect until January 1, 2019.

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